3.2 Garraun

Closed20 May, 2021, 9:00am - 30 Jul, 2021, 4:30pm

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Garraun is located within the Galway Metropolitan Area, 8km east of the city, adjacent to Oranmore town and overlooking Oranmore Bay. The lands at Garraun, together with Ardaun and Briarhill immediately to the northwest, are to provide substantial capacity for plan-led growth within the eastern Metropolitan Area of Galway.

Uniquely, an established railway station, Oranmore Station, together with a surface carpark, are located at the centre of the lands. Train services are available to both Galway City to the west, and to Athenry to the east, and onwards to Dublin and Limerick. Oranmore Station is the first station outside Galway City on the Galway-Dublin/ Limerick line, and at the eastern fringe of the city. The second station is a further 15km east at Athenry.

Garraun enjoys direct access to rail and road networks, with connectivity to local, regional and national destinations. Galway City centre is less than 10 minutes away by train and the planned development at Ardaun is just over 1km to the northwest of the railway station.

Major employment areas at Parkmore, Ballybrit and Mervue are within 3 to 6km by road.

Oranmore centre is within 1.5km via the Coast Road, incorporating town centre, community and amenity uses around the original village core, and substantial employment uses to the north of the town at Oranmore Business Park and Deerpark Industrial Estate.

Garraun is strategically positioned to become the public transport hub that serves the future population of the eastern Metropolitan Area of Galway. This document establishes a Framework Plan for the long term delivery of a sustainable new settlement at Garraun, and as a catalyst for further sustainable growth along the eastern edge of Galway City.

This Framework Plan sets out the vision, principles and framework that will guide the orderly and sustainable development of a high quality, contemporary and compact new public transport focused settlement at Garraun.

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Garraun Land Use Zoning Map
Garraun Flood Risk Management Map



A Chara,   With reference to the above draft development plan I wish to make the following submission in relation to the proposed development at Garraun. I have lived at...
    Re: Submission Draft Galway County Development Plan 2022-2028 Galway Metropolitan Area Garraun Urban Framework Plan   30/7/2021...
This submission essentially requests the Council to; Zone 0.9ha from “CF-Community Facilities” to “R-Residential (Phase 2)” Ensure the remainder of Garraun Urban Framework Plan...
We note that the subject lands are predominantly zoned ‘Residential (Phase 1)’ with the south-eastern corner of the lands being zoned ‘OS- Open Space/Recreation & Amenity’/‘Constrained Land Use...
  30/7/2021   Re: Submission Draft Galway County Development Plan 2022-2028 Galway Metropolitan Area Garraun Urban Framework Plan  ...